Dusen Dusen Wall Coverings

As a follow up to last year’s interactive mural at Industry City, Dusen Dusen has created a line of bold and playful magnetic wallcoverings for Visual Magnetics. The ability to change and rearrange the shapes, allows users to continuously reinterpret Dusen Dusen’s designs. 



Fashion-forward designer Dusen Dusen created a large-scale, gradient-on-gradient ModuLayer wallcovering installation in collaboration with Visual Magnetics for WantedDesign 2015.  Bold shapes made in Dusen Dusen’s signature paper cut-outs method disappear and shift when they are moved around on the gradient background layer.

The collaboration was one of the featured installations at the opening party of NYCXDesign 2015 (NYC Design Week) Visitors were able to interact with the piece in a playful way, moving around the pattern to alter the wallcovering design.

Read more about this project on Design Milk.

The Children's Museum of Art

On view in the CMA Window and the Pepperman Family Art Studio are two installations by designer Ellen Van Dusen. These playful installations expand on Van Dusen’s work in clothing and home goods, exploring the properties of color, shape and scale in large scale environments.


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