How The
System Works

The three components of the Visual Magnetics Graphic System are:

  • ActiveWall®: a high strength, commercial grade magnetic receptive Micro-Iron® based primer for wall surfaces.
  • InvisiLock®: a patented flexible magnet backer, specially engineered for strength and to lock Visual Magnetics’ line of fixtures to a surface outfitted with the VM-Graphic System. We also sell an adhesive version of our InvisiLock magnet that can be used for fixture or furniture applications, but is not recommend for use on walls.
  • MagnaMedia®: our award winning magnetic receptive print media, which comes in over 20 different finishes, including economy options, veneers, fabric, dry erase and more.

These three components are layered on a wall or graphic surface, and the alternating combination of magnetic and magnetic-receptive materials transforms walls and fixtures without nails or glue. Frames, shelves and fixtures backed with InvisiLock can also be locked onto surfaces outfitted with the VM-Graphic System. All of our materials are 100% PVC-free, and our MagnaMedia portfolio includes many substrates made from 100% natural or post-consumer bases.


Custom Magnetic Wall Coverings

You provide the design and we will help you create a customized magnetic wallcovering or mural. We also offer consultation to help you plan the best accent for your space.

InvisiLock® Technology

Our patented InvisiLock® magnet system allows you to place dimensional objects on a wall with graphics without harming the wall or graphic surface, since the system works without adhesive, nails or screws. A dimensional object outfitted with InvisiLock can be moved around with ease and locked into position after being placed on a wall with a graphic image on it.

The science behind the InvisiLock system leverages a grid of magnetic poles to allow objects backed with the product to move around and lock into place when applied to a wall or another large surface also fitted with InvisiLock. The InvisiLock® magnet system was developed by Visual Magnetics founder and CEO Joe Deetz, the inventor of magnetic paint.


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