foster wall coverings for work

 Functional wall coverings for enhanced productivity + collaboration.

Intelligent wall coverings with dry erase integration. Designed to elevate productivity and collaboration in a workspace setting. Maximum functionality and guaranteed to never leave marker ghosting.

FORCES - Jill Malek x Visual Magnetics

A new collection of wall coverings by award-winning designer Jill Malek and Visual Magnetics, striking an artful balance between elevated design, and high functionality. 

Dry Erase: Connect Collection - Keep it all organized with dots and grids.

We've designed these high quality dry erase magnetic wall coverings for precision, organization and optimum use of wall space.


Classic Dry Erase - our classic white dry erase.

Enjoy the full functionality of our Foster wall coverings, starting with a clean, blank slate.


Have something special in mind?

We also offer custom dry-erase: Pick any color, or submit your own design.